Will The Govt Remove Older Vans & Cars From The Roads?

The government is currently consulting on a series of different measures to improve the air quality of towns and cities around the country by driving down nitrogen dioxide levels.

Some 27 urban areas in England look set to benefit as a result of these proposals, which aim to reduce pollution in built-up places, ITV News reports. Suggested changes could include charges to drive into and around designated clean air zones in cities.

No doubt councils will worry about the financial impact of the possibility of removing older and more polluting cars and vans from UK roads, but the proposals also included support for local authorities looking to retrofit buses, taxis and more.

“Improving air quality is a key priority as we support businesses in building a stronger and cleaner economy. Our plan today sets out how we will do just that – including presenting options for targeted diesel scrappage schemes,” environment secretary Andrea Leadsom said.

Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, welcomed the news of this new air quality plan, saying that prioritising plans to improve congestion and traffic flow is certainly encouraging.

He went on to add that the organisation is looking forward to working alongside the government to further encourage the adoption of the latest low emission vehicles, irrespective of the type of fuel they run on.

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