White Vehicles ‘More Likely To Fail MOT’

One of the great things about using small van hire in Slough is that you don’t have to worry about keeping on top of all the maintenance that goes with owning a vehicle like this.

And given that new research has found that white vehicles are more likely to fail their MOTs than those of other colours, it could be an even better reason to continue hiring your vans than to invest in your own.

The Daily Mail shared the findings of two academics, who analysed data from 121 million MOT tests carried out over the course of eight years.

They also revealed which day of the week you’re more likely to get a pass. The so-called ‘weekend effect’ means that Friday and Saturday are the days of the week with the highest pass rates.

Mercedes-Benz topped the list of the most reliable brands, with just a 15 per cent MOT failure rate. Also in the top five were Porsche, Lexus, Toyota and Jaguar, and Smart. All of these brands recorded failure rates below 30 per cent.

Last month, Motor1 reported that vans have a particularly high MOT failure rate, because they have typically driven twice as many miles as a car that’s taken for its first MOT once it’s been on the road for three years.

The news provider noted that Honest John had called on the Driver Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA) to consider changing the rules so that vans have to undergo an MOT after just two years on the road, rather than the current three.

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