What is a Luton van?

Moving can be an exciting milestone in your life. It can also be stressful when you down
to all of the logistics. From deciding whether or not to hire a van or a moving company
to ensuring that your items will arrive on time, to touch ups and repairs, there are so
many things to consider when moving.

If you’ve come to the realization that you don’t need — or want — to hire a moving
company, consider the Luton van as your mode of transportation. Whether you’re
moving from Denham to Langley, Gerrards Cross to Maidenhead, or Beaconsfield to
Windsor, you need a sturdy and spacious van to ensure you get there safely and on-

The Luton Basics

When it’s time to pack up and move, the Luton van gets the job done.
When thinking about a 3.5 tonne Luton van, the top benefits are the size, the tail lift, and
the cabin. The size offers you ample space to pack more items for fewer trips. The
automated tail lift makes light work of heavier items like furniture, large appliances, and
bulky loads. The overhead cabin space is an extra benefit of the Luton van’s design,
allowing for luggage, looser items, and more to be stored in a safe spot away from the
heavier boxes.

What are some benefits of the size?

The 3.5 tonne long wheelbase van can seat three passengers, including the driver. If
you’re planning to do the move yourself — or with two other people — the most
exhausting part can be the back-and-forth of refilling your vehicle with box after box of
assorted items. A 3.5 tonne Luton van has a payload of 1000 to 1200 kilograms. This
means that the van can safely carry room upon room of furniture and knick knacks (but
don’t forget to include the weight of your passengers!)

The Luton’s shape makes it easy to accommodate the large and often bulky items that
can come along during a house move. Movers can safely stack boxes, pallets, furniture,
and other items that must be taken to your new home. The Luton van is much more
accommodating than a standard cargo van and less trips means less hassle for you and

What is the point of a tail lift?

Even with professional movers, the big day can be exhausting. Choosing to handle your
move with the right tools can make the process faster, safer, and smoother. One of the
many advantages of the Luton van is the mechanised tail lift. This is a great feature, as
it can help first-time movers quickly get the hang of things.

Whether you’re moving a piano, a washing machine, or a freezer, the tail lift is your go-
to tool. Keep in mind that the maximum payload for the tail lift is 500 kilograms. Do your
research beforehand to prevent damage to the rental van and your belongings. As you
know, professional movers use a tail lift to move goods to and from the van. With a
Luton van that has a mechanised tail lift, you can move just like the pros and save
money in the process. When used safely and properly, this tool helps to save your
energy on moving day and reduce the risk of injury from lifting heavy objects onto the
deck. If you have a few friends helping you with your move, a tail lift will help things run
much more smoothly and save you a fair bit of time (and back strain).

What can fit in the overhead space?

Each Luton van has additional overhead box space. This area was originally created for
low-density items that were in high volumes. The origin of the van goes back to the
Luton area and how it had an industry for straw hats. Luton vans were initially used to
transfer these items, stored in the overhead space.

The benefit of this overhead space is that you can easily set aside items that you’d like
to keep separate. It may not be hats for you, but it is nice to know that you have extra
space for more delicate items when you have the need.

Move at your own pace

Take advantage of the load space that the Luton van offers. This includes the extra
overhead space for items of your choosing. With the height of the van, stack boxes as
you need them and include more items to reduce trips to a previous location.
Loading that sofa or awkwardly shaped table doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Choose a
van option that offers you more control in your move and transport your belongings to
your new home in comfort. Contact the Knights Van Hire team let’s get moving!

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