West Midlands Worst Car Theft Area

Car owners in the West Midlands have been warned to be extra vigilant when it comes to security after it was revealed to the be the worst area of the UK for vehicle thefts.

According to the latest findings from Direct Line Car Insurance, the number of car theft claims in the area increased by 214 per cent between 2014 and 2018, marking the sharpest rise in the whole of the UK.

There were 16 car theft claims per 10,000 registered vehicles in the West Midlands, compared with Northern Ireland where there was just one.

Steve Barrett, head of car insurance at Direct Line, said: “With an alarming increase in the number of cars stolen over the last five years, it is more important than ever to do all we can to prevent cars from being stolen.”

Indeed, while West Midlands saw the greatest increase in car thefts, more than 112,174 vehicles were stolen across the UK in the last financial year alone. This is the equivalent of one motor taken every four minutes and 41 seconds.

Overall, there has been a 63 per cent increase in car theft claims throughout the UK from 2014 to 2018, with an average of 11 claims made per 10,000 registered motors.

The insurer recommended double checking the car is locked when leaving; never leaving the engine on when unattended; keeping keys out of sight of doors or windows, and parking in a well-lit area that has a lot of people passing through it.

It is a tough time for car owners, as RAC recently revealed fuel prices have risen for the fourth month in a row, with petrol climbing by 11p per litre since February and diesel increasing by 7p per litre during the same period.

This could make the idea of hiring a van in Middlesex more attractive than buying a vehicle outright.

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