Beware Of Tool Theft When Hiring Vans

You’d like to think that your belongings would be perfectly safe kept in your van overnight but it seems that you’re tempting fate these days when leaving valuable items behind in your vehicle.

Earlier this year, Simply Business found that tool theft in the country has climbed by more than 30 per cent in the last 12 months, with London, Bristol, Sheffield, Northampton and Leicester particularly at risk. In 2015, 28.5 per cent more thefts were recorded than in 2014. Other areas that have proved problematic in this regard include Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester.

Would-be thieves also appear to have found a new way to break into vans… known as the ‘peel and steal’, where they use their knees to apply pressure to the doors of the van and then pull them open from the top, peeling them down much like you would a tin of sardines.

Fuel thefts are also increasingly in the news for van drivers, using vans fitted with plastic tanks and an electric pump that allows them to steal thousands of litres in just one night. But there are theft prevention devices out there you can invest in if you’re worried about this happening to you.

No doubt fuel thefts will increase in the future if fuel prices continue to climb so perhaps start seeking out ways you can protect yourself so you don’t come out in the morning to find the tank has been bled dry.

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