Van Drivers Swapping Junk Food For Fresh Alternatives

The next time you arrange business van hire in Reading and feel peckish, if you opt for the healthy snack, you are part of a wider trend among van drivers.

Van drivers up and down the country are swapping junk food from the service station café such as crisps, chocolates and fizzy pop for fruits and vegetables, according to One Poll research commissioned by Volkswagen. reports that the study found one in seven van drivers prepares for their road trips by making heir own packed lunch, while one in ten say they eat a diet of fruit, vegetables and salads while they are on the road.

The wellbeing trend extends beyond menu choices too, as the average van driver exercises twice a week, and one in ten even make the effort to go to the gym at least five times a week.

A spokesperson from Volkswagen said: “Rather than grabbing whatever they can while out on the road, they are tucking into homemade lunches of salad and fruit – a far cry from the food you might expect them to be eating.”

They added that it seems van drivers – like so many of us nowadays – “are leading a much healthier lifestyle than you might expect”.

As well as preparing packed lunches, van drivers should be preparing for wintery journeys. The Burton Mail reminded motorists recently that road users should be allowing plenty of time for their trips and stick to well-used roads that have been gritted in treacherous conditions.

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