Van Drivers More Susceptible To ‘Tailgating’ Incidents

Whether you’re in your own vehicle or are using, van hire in Beaconsfield an awareness of how your driving affects other road users is key to ensure everybody’s safety. And while the classic irresponsible behaviours on the road are more likely to be thought of as speeding or drink driving, there’s one thing that causes more accidents than all those, according to the Express.

It’s tailgating that has the more risk of accident, with new research VW Commercial Vehicles finding that it’s causing as many as 10 injuries sustained on the roads per week. It supports figures from the Department for Transport (DFT) which put “following too close” ahead of many other risky road behaviours, including speeding, drink driving and adverse weather, in causing road accidents.

The DFT figures, from 2017, found that of the 6,184 injuries caused by tailgating, eight per cent could be attributed to drivers of light commercial vehicles such as vans, which equates to the same figure of around 10 injuries per week caused by van drivers tailgating. Van drivers are also more susceptible to incidents on A roads, the research finds, as 55 per of incidents happen on these roads.

If you have got a driver following too closely behind you, try to widen the gap between you and the next vehicle, meaning you can brake slower and give the driver behind a longer reaction period. Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at IAM RoadSmart, recommends using the two second rule for spacing between vehicles: “If the space gets filled simply create a new one – it will only add seconds to your journey and reduce your stress levels.”

The cost of an incident only grows when you have a van off the road, as well as the repair cost, you may lose income from not being able to use your vehicle for work purposes during this period.

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