UK Courier Firms Hire 50% More Vans For Black Friday

There has been more demand for commercial van hire in Middlesex than usual recently, as it has been revealed British couriers hired 50 per cent more vans to meet demand for Black Friday 2017.

Tamebay reported that courier insurers Staveley Head collated its data from some of the UK’s leading retailers and brands including Royal Mail, Argos and Amazon to confirm there was a 52 per cent jump in van and lorry hire to cope with the global discount shopping phenomenon.

Black Friday – traditionally the shopping event that follows the American Thanksgiving holiday – has been adopted by European outlets, which follow the US’s lead in offering generous discounts on big ticket items including home entertainment and electricals for a short period.

In the UK, to cope with demand courier Yodel is expected to have hired an additional 7,000 vehicles on top of its usual fleet of 2,500, while Hermes boosted its team of 10,000 by 3,000 vans and trucks.

“We wanted to go behind the scenes to see the impact of Black Friday on logistics and what happens once an order has been placed,” said Staveley Head managing director Ashley Peters. “The amount of extra staff and vans hired to deal with the sheer volume of parcels is quite incredible.”

As well as extra vans, there has been a raft of temporary work contracts handed out, with Amazon UK bringing in 20,000 more staff across all departments – an 83 per cent rise in staff number. Argos is bringing in another 10,000 staff to cope with the holiday shopping period.

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