Travelling For Work ‘More Than Just Getting From A To B’

If you regularly opt for commercial van hire for your Berkshire business, you may be one of thousands of people who travel for work that gets much more out of the trip than doing the job in hand.

The Sun has revealed that a study by Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resorts found that nine in ten business travellers are making the most of their time away from home by planning how to spend their downtime.

Indeed, two-thirds of respondents admitted they use their work trips to tick places and sights off their personal travel bucket lists.

Among the popular ways business travellers spend their time while away are trying local dishes when eating out, spending time in cafés and local markets as well as visiting landmarks, galleries and museums.

Some even plan to use their days shopping or going on guided tours.

Among the advantages those travelling for business listed are meeting new people face-to-face, escaping the office environment, experiencing different cultures, enjoying good meals out, being able to put another pin in the map, staying in pleasant accommodations, and getting hotel loyalty points and other added bonuses.

“Increasingly people are using their business trips as an opportunity to discover a new place, work on a personal project or simply enjoy some “me time’,” said Mike Greenup of Crowne Plaza.

And the best way to make the most of a business trip is by preparing well for the journey.

Business Matters Magazine UK reported recently that a YouGov survey for American Express found 62 per cent of business travellers agree they have unproductive journeys if the effort has not gone into preparing for them.

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