Important information: You must remember to bring your driving license and utility bill (no older than 3 months). If you cannot provide a bill, a passport will suffice.

Also remember to bring a debit/credit card to pre-authorise your excess amount and your National Insurance Number to check your paper license online.

General Information

The customer/hirer is responsible for the good upkeep of the vehicle(s) during the hire period and in complying with the road traffic acts as well as all other legislation. The customer/hirer must look after the keys to the vehicle(s), and ensure the vehicle(s) is carefully parked so as to avoid wilful damage and door opening dents. The customer/hirer is responsible for ensuring the oil and water levels are checked daily.

Additional Costs

The customer/hirer is responsible for all fines accrued during the hiring period including court costs, parking, speeding, bus lane, congestion or any other traffic offenses, as well as costs which rise if the vehicle(s) is clamped. The customer/hirer must pay the appropriate authority any fines and costs if and when the authority demands this payment. The customer/hirer will be responsible to pay Knights Van Hire reasonable administration charges, which may arise when dealing with these matters (admin charges £25.00). The vehicle(s) covered by this agreement cannot be taken outside mainland GB without Knights Van Hire’s written permission and the issue of relevant documentation.


The minimum chargeable booking time is 24hours. This agreement is not to exceed 89 days. Any cancellation of a paid booking will result in a minimum of a £50 charge. Failure to provide the correct details when booking will result in the loss of a minimum of £50 of the customer/hirers payment. If a customer/hirer provides false documents or hires a vehicle(s) and is found to be illegally driving, this could result in the loss of the whole excess on the vehicle(s) paid to Knights Van Hire.

Maintenance and recovery

The customer/hirer is responsible for informing the lessor, in this case Knights Van Hire of any service, work or general maintenance required to the vehicle(s) immediately. Failure to do so will result in not only charges but also the loss of breakdown and recovery support for the customer/hirer.

European Use

The vehicle(s) may not be used outside of England, Scotland & Wales without the Lessors, Knights Van Hire’s consent. In which event adequate insurance for the purpose of foreign use will be required to be enforced prior to any travel commitment or arrangements. The customer/hirer will not be subject to use our excess protection. All vehicles used outside of the UK are subject to a higher excess rate of either £750 or £950 dependent on the vehicle(s), as per contract.

Returning the Vehicle(s)

The customer/hirer must bring the vehicle(s) back, during opening hours to the premises agreed by both the customer/hirer and Knights Van Hire as per contract. The vehicle(s) must be inspected by one of Knights Van Hire’s staff to check that it is in good condition. The customer/hirer may not return the vehicle(s) to our premises outside of opening hours unless agreed at time of hire. The customer/hirer will remain responsible for the vehicle(s) and its condition until it is re-inspected and signed as received by a member of staff.

Late Returns

If the customer/hirer does not bring the vehicle(s) back on time, the customer/hirer will be deemed as breaking the conditions of hiring agreement. Knights Van Hire can charge the customer/hirer for each day after the vehicle(s) should have returned. The minimum charge is £50+ VAT. Any vehicle(s) not returned within 24hours of the agreed time will be regarded as stolen and the police will be informed accordingly.


A refuelling service charge applies if the customer/hirer has used and not replaced the fuel that was supplied originally (minimum of 1/4 tank). The minimum charge is £25 plus fuel. No refunds are given for unused fuel.

Goods Left in Vehicle(s) on Return

It is the customer/hirer responsibility to check the vehicle(s) before returning it for any personal goods that might be left in it. Knights Van Hire will take no responsibility for goods left in the vehicle(s) on return.


Knights Van Hire calculates charges using current price lists. The customer/hirer will be subject to be billed IF the vehicle needs more than our standard valeting (cleaning); the vehicle(s) interior/exterior has been damaged; and or any part of the vehicle(s) has been lost or is missing. The minimum charge for excess valeting of the van will be £25+VAT.

Vehicle(s) Condition

Loss or damage of the following may result in the deposit being withheld by the lessor, Knights Van Hire: Aerial, Audio Unit, Bodywork, Carpets, Exterior Lights, Floor Mats, Handbooks, Interior Trim, Keys, Mirrors, Petrol Cap, Radio, Recovery or Service Documentation, Seats, Toolkit, Tyres (including punctures), Wheels, Windscreen/ Windows & Wrong Fuel

Roof Damage

The customer/hirer will be responsible for the cost of repairing any roof damage. The customer/hirer hereby authorise Knights Van Hire to carry out any repairs, and the customer/hirer will cover expenses up to a maximum of the value of the vehicle. THIS IS BECAUSE OUR INSURER DOES NOT COVER ANY DAMAGE OVER HEAD HEIGHT.


If the customer/hirer has an accident they should act responsibly. The customer/hirer should get the name and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses and pictures. Contact and inform the Police immediately including notifying relevant assistance for anyone that is injured or if there is a disagreement over who is responsible. They are also expected to inform Knights Van Hire immediately of all details that surround the accident. The customer/hirer will be required to fill in our incident report form; any lack of information if involved in an accident may result in the whole deposit being withheld. If customer/hirer doesn’t follow our protocol, we reserve the right to recharge the full cost of repairs regardless of the cover that has been taken.

Withholding information

If you fail to report any accidents to Knights Van Hire, while using one of our vehicles, as the customer/hirer you could be liable for more than the initial deposit amount.

Loss of income charge

Knights Van Hire will charge you this if we cannot rent out the vehicle(s) because it needs to be repaired, or it is a write-off (can’t be repaired). We will charge you for loss of income at the daily rate of the vehicle.  Should we consider damage to the vehicle to be caused by gross negligence, serious carelessness or deliberate misuse, then we reserve the right to recharge the full cost of repairs regardless of the cover that has been taken.


Knights Van Hire have a legal responsibility to have insurance to meet the RTA requirements. We will offer you the customer/hirer an excess of +-£750 this is your responsibility to pay the amount or the lower amount +-£350 if you have taken our daily excess protection. If the vehicle(s) is lost or stolen you must produce the keys to us to show you have fulfilled your responsibilities in point 1 above.  For Luton Vans or larger the excess will be £950 & with the excess protection it will be reduced to £450.

Customers Own Insurance (C.O.I)

A current insurance certificate will be required for companies hiring vehicles under their own insurance. If the customer/hirer chooses to insure the vehicle(s) themself they are responsible for all rental, repair and associated costs until the vehicle(s) is returned to us in a rent-able condition as at the start of the hire.


All vehicles have been fitted with state of the art dash cameras for your safety and protection; if any camera is tampered with or stolen from the vehicle(s) this would constitute the loss of the whole deposit.


Unless we have agreed to collect the vehicle from you, you must return the vehicle to the location we agreed. If we have agreed to allow you to return the vehicle outside of opening hours, you will remain responsible for the vehicle and its condition until our staff have checked the vehicle over.


Only you, any driver named on the rental agreement, and anyone we have given permission to can drive the vehicle. You must not rent the vehicle to anyone else, or let someone else drive the van without the Main Office doing the required checks.


If the Hirer constantly disobeys speed limits while the vehicle is in their care, then we reserve the right to withhold their deposit.


Milage Allowance and Charges

Limits are set to accommodate the needs of most renters. All rentals come with a set mileage of 100 miles per day but there can be exceptions depending on location, and length of rental. In order to determine your mileage limitations from a specific location you will need to contact the head office. Excess miles are charged at 0.35p a mile.