Could Syria Strikes Raise Petrol Prices?

Get van hire in Middlesex now while you can, as there are rumblings that petrol prices may be set to rise.

This is due to the air strikes on Syria that have been launched by the USA, UK and France. This is expected to destabilise the Middle East, which provides us with a lot of our oil for petrol.

Price hikes could be seen all over the world, with motorists in India already facing hikes.

The AA warned people to stock up as petrol prices could go up as much as 2p a litre over the weekend, with prices potentially going up 5.5p a litre.

This is as oil prices when up 4p a litre in less than four weeks, and rose to the highest they have been for 3.5 years on Thursday 12 April when Donald Trump tweeted he was considering strikes against Syria last week.

PRA chairman Brian Madderson told The Mirror: “President Trump’s promise that US missiles ‘will be coming’ to Syria caused the price to climb sharply amid a volley of threats between the US and Russia and an attempted Houthi air strike from Yemen targeting oil titan Saudi Arabia.

“The Houthi attacks on the world’s largest oil producer spurred global oil markets up almost 9% this week alone to the highest prices seen since December 2014.”

The AA went on to warn that petrol prices could be pushed even higher is the disruption to the region continues.

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