Sinkholes Discovered On M25

Drivers who regularly commute into London have been experiencing delays due to heavy rainfall that has caused flooding and two sinkholes that were discovered on the central reservation of the M25.

The motorway was closed to traffic in both directions overnight, after the sinkholes were discovered between junctions four and five following an accident overnight on 10 June.

Although it had reopened in time for the morning rush hour on 11 June, police were still warning of delays due to the severe weather.

The Met Office has forecast that 60mm to 80mm of rain could fall in some parts of the UK later this week, with up to 100mm possible in some places. There are multiple flood warnings in place and drivers are being advised to think carefully about their routes to ensure they avoid areas close to waterways that are prone to flooding.

Alex Burkill, a Met Office meteorologist, said that “if you add it all up some places are likely to see over 100mm this week, which is around double the average they would get in the whole of June”.

It’s an example of how drivers need to be prepared for extreme weather events, and shows the importance of route planning whether you’re commuting to work or making use of business van hire in Reading.

In areas covered by a yellow weather warning from the Met Office in the coming days, drivers should expect “spray and flooding [that] could lead to difficult driving conditions and some road closures”.

For anyone who doesn’t need to make long journeys this week, it could be worth rescheduling your drives for when the weather improves.

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