Scottish Government Urged To Phase Out Petrol And Diesel Cars By 2030

If you need the best small van hire Berkshire has to offer as you don’t own your own vehicle, you may be pleased with the recent Government pledge to phase out petrol and diesel cars by 2040.

However, the news has been greeted with mixed results, with many campaigners saying it is too little too late, and pointing to other countries, such as France, which have pledged to eliminate diesel cars by 2025.

The move by a number of governments follows on from the recent scandal regarding car emissions, with tests being rigged so they showed much lower levels of pollution than they actually caused.

Pollution levels in our cities have been higher than expected for some time now, with health campaigners calling for action on emissions.

This is why campaigners in Scotland have called on the Government there to beat the UK’s target of 2040, by a decade.

The Government has already made a pledge to ensure that all new car sales with be near zero emission and for half of fossil fuelled vehicles to be phased out of urban environments by 2030.

Yet campaigners argue this move doesn’t go far enough, with environmental campaigners such as WWF Scotland acting head of policy Gina Hanrahan called on Scottish ministers to commit to phase out such vehicles by 2030 in the upcoming Climate Change bill, The Scotsman reported this week.

“Ending the dominance of fossil-fuel vehicles will reduce emissions, clean up our polluted air and tackle a public health crisis,” she said.

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