Preparation ‘Secret To Good Business Travel’

When embarking on a business trip at the wheel of a van, it is crucial to take the time to prepare for the trip.

This is according to a report published in Business Matters Magazine UK, which reveals that the changing way in which we do business, where travel is commonplace in so many roles, means a journey is an essential part of the working day.

Research among regular business travellers conducted by YouGov for American Express revealed that business travel is fulfilling and interesting to the majority of workers, who feel they get the most out of a business trip if they prepare.

Over three-quarters of respondents said preparation for the trip makes for a productive journey and meeting, while 62 per cent said they have had unproductive journeys as a result of lack of preparation, which could be as small a matter as researching parking availability or not leaving with enough time to grab lunch en route before an appointment.

“Supporting business travellers by ensuring admin and travel logistics are straightforward and fuss-free will make business travel more productive and more rewarding,” said Fabienne Cauli, general manager of the Global Client Group at American Express Global Commercial Payments.

Professionals also highlighted that travel delays, technology problems and lack of internet access all have a detrimental impact on a day working away from the office.

So, when planning business van hire in Middlesex, it is crucial you do enough preparation to ensure your business trip is as productive, relaxing and hassle-free as possible.

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