Petrol Prices Set To Soar

People seeking the best van hire Middlesex has to offer should make sure they factor petrol into their next long trip, as prices are set to rise.

Prices per barrel are heading towards $70 for the first time in three years which may cause temperatures to rise or at least fluctuate throughout 2018.

The RAC is already predicting pump dashes as fuel prices are set to rise by as much as a further 5p per litre.

“Oil hitting $70 a barrel is potentially very bad for motorists who are already having to get used to paying 7p a litre more for petrol and 9p more for diesel than they did last July,” said RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams.

There are various potential reasons for the rise in oil prices such as gluts of oil that had bolstered supply in recent years, finally beginning to be used up or coming down in supply.

Recent development in the US oil industry which have seen them turn increasingly to technology to find the oil, could however save us from the worst prices rises being predicted.

Fracking in the US has also allowed oil companies there to access shale oil reserves which have also boosted supply.

The news follows the recent announcement by both the Scottish and UK Governments to move towards a reduction in diesel cars, and increase in electric cars in coming years, in a bid to tackle the amount of air pollution in cities and towns.

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