Parking Sensors Could Cut Accidents By 560,000

Installing in-car technology could dramatically reduce the number of accidents on the road each year, with parking sensors alone cutting down the times a vehicle is damaged by around 560,000.

This is according to Direct Line Motor Insurance, which revealed in-built car safety aids, which include cruise control, lane departure technology, parking sensors, braking assist and rear-view cameras, could result in the reduction of hundreds of thousands of car accidents a year.

It found parking sensors could reduce reverse parking accidents by 31 per cent and reversing around a corner collisions by 19 per cent; adaptive cruise control could lower the chances of hitting a car by drifting out of lane by 57 per cent; rear-view cameras could cut down on reverse parking accidents by 43 per cent; braking assist could see the chances of hitting the back of another car fall by 41 per cent; and lane departure warning technology could limit the possibility of hitting a car drifting out a lane by 51 per cent.

Head of motor insurance at Direct Line Steve Barrett warned drivers that while this is good news, they should not become complacent when behind the wheel, whether they are in their own vehicle or using hire vans in Burnham.

“While technologies such as parking sensors, lane assist and automatic emergency braking are becoming increasingly commonplace, there should be no replacement for checking your blind spots and generally being cautious and alert while on the roads,” Mr Barrett commented.

Those in Southampton, in particular, could benefit from in-car technology to improve their driving style, after Admiral revealed they are the most dangerous motorists in the UK.

It used telematics data to determine they are generally the worst at heavy braking, fast acceleration, and smooth driving.

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