‘Old Bangers’ Becoming Thing Of The Past

Long gone are the days where the first car you buy is a rundown motor, as more drivers are opting for newer, more reliable models when it comes to their first wheels.

As a result of young drivers’ increasing demand for secure cars they can get on finance options, the ‘old banger’ is in danger of becoming extinct, with very few old vehicles left on the roads.

This is according to new research from Admiral Car Insurance, which revealed the cars produced over the last 35 years that are most likely to be the first to face extinction.

Sabine Williams, head of motoring at Admiral, said: “Getting an old banger as a first car was once considered a rite of passage, and a cheap way to get on the road. But with young people more willing to push their budget further, and relying more on car finance, some former family favourites may soon become extinct.”

She added that choosing reliable and practical cars that are newer helps first-time drivers have more independence, which is what they crave.

Ms Williams noted that older cars are not very dependable and “with many no longer in production, replacing parts and mechanical bills could soon start to mount up”.

Those looking for reliable cars might also want to steer clear of white vehicles, as the Daily Mail recently revealed analysis of 121 million MOT tests over the last eight years. It showed white motors are more likely to fail their MOT compared with other colours.

When it comes to the most threatened cars, the Admiral research found there are only 799 Ford Granadas left on Britain’s roads, followed shortly behind by the Vauxhall Nova (1,091), Peugeot 405 (1,169) and Citroen 2CV (2,174).

The findings also revealed there just ten Vauxhall Chevettes, 12 Talbot Horizons and 13 Saab 90s currently registered in the UK.

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