Low Emission Zone To Come For Edinburgh?

Drivers who’ve arranged commercial van hire in Berkshire and who intend to travel to Edinburgh might find they’re hit with a fine if they drive in certain parts of the city in the near future.

This is because local councillors in the city have announced their intentions to bring in Scotland’s first low emission zone, a move that would see motorists in vans, lorries and buses that fail to meet emissions standards fined if they go into this particular zone, the BBC reports.

The Scottish government has already confirmed that it will provide funding for one pilot by the year 2018, although Glasgow has also expressed an interest in the idea so there’s some competition there already for Edinburgh.

A spokeswoman from the City of Edinburgh Council was quoted by the news source as saying: “”We are committed to addressing air pollution as a priority through a range of integrated projects, including reducing congestion and investment in improved public transport, cycling infrastructure and active travel, in addition to exploring the potential for a low emission zone.”

Low emission zones already exist in London, designed to encourage the most polluting vehicles out there to become cleaner. If you own your van, lorry or bus there are ways you can meet the standards set out for emissions, such as by fitting an approved filter to the exhaust, converting to gas, upgrading to a newer one or organising your fleet so that only those vehicles that do meet the standards drive in these zones.


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