London Toxicity Charge Now In Force

If you’ve just sorted out van hire in Reading or elsewhere and intend to drive into London at some point, make sure you know all you need to know about the Toxicity Charge that has just been introduced (October 23rd).

The T Charge zone is in the same area as the Congestion Zone, which you’ll already be familiar with if you do a lot of driving in and around the capital. Take a look at your vehicle registration document to see what your emissions standard is – the minimum standards are Euro 4/IV for petrol and diesel vehicles, and Euro 3 for motorised tricycles and quadricycles.

If you drive a car, van, minibus, bus, coach or heavy goods vehicle, for example, and your vehicle doesn’t meet the emissions standards you’ll be subject to this charge.

The charge itself has been brought in to help improve air quality in London, with the aim being to discourage the use of older vehicles that are more polluting when driving in and around central London. It marks the first step towards the creation of an Ultra Low Emission Zone, an area in the city where all vehicles will have to meet emission standards or pay a daily charge to travel.

This is due to be brought in from September 2020 and the standards will be in addition to the Congestion Charge and Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charges. If you do not pay your daily charge, a penalty charge notice will be issued.

Benefits of the ULEZ include reducing emissions, making London a more pleasant place to live and work. It’s thought that pollution from particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide causes about 9,400 equivalent deaths in Greater London – so it does seem as though something must be done.

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