London Comes Top As Most Congested City

Drivers who’ve sorted out van hire in Middlesex to make their way to London and back may well want to avoid the city centre as much as they can, given new research revealing that the Big Smoke is the UK’s most congested city.

Conducted by Admiral, the study revealed the top ten worst cities for congestion as being London, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Southampton and Leeds.

Of course, if you drive for work you will probably have little control over where you need to go – but knowledge is power as they say, so you can plan your journeys accordingly if you know you’re going to be travelling to any of these cities during rush hour.

Commuters in London apparently spend three times as much time in their cars during rush hour – which equates to an extra 17 days a year.

“These figures confirm what motorists have long suspected – that they spend a huge amount of wasted time sitting in their cars. You are more likely to be involved in an accident where you bump the car in front during rush hour than at any time of the day. These rear end bumps are the most common type too,” motor product manager at Admiral Jo Cox said.

To stay safe while driving in rush hour and heavy traffic, consider taking a different route, give yourself extra time to get to your destination, remember that everyone else is in the same boat and if you find that your stress levels are getting dangerously high, get off the road and try to relax before setting off again.

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