Do You Know How Weather Warnings Affect Driving Conditions?

If you regularly make use of commercial van hire in Reading you’ll more than likely have experience of driving in all kinds of conditions, from bright, sunny days to evenings where the rain doesn’t seem to stop.

There are often reports about the UK Met Office issuing weather warnings, but how much attention do you pay to them and do you know what they really mean in practice?

The Sun recently offered an overview of the main weather warnings we see in this country, as well as offering advice about how to stay safe when you’re on the road.

Firstly, if you hear about a severe weather warning in your area, you need to take note. The newspaper explains that this kind of warning is only issued when there is “danger to life, prolonged disruption, strain on emergency services, transport routes and travel severely impacted and extensive damage to buildings and property”.

At this time of year, one of the most likely weather warnings will be for heavy downpours and thunder and lightening. If you have to go out in heavy rain, the news provider recommends driving slowly, leaving plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front, and avoiding anywhere that’s liable to flood.

Fog is another one to watch out for. Again the advice is to only drive if you have to, and to make sure your headlights are dipped and that you travel at a slow speed because visibility will be massively reduced.

It’s definitely worth brushing up your driving skills in the rain, given that the Met Office believes there is a one in three chance that a new monthly rainfall record will be set in at least one UK region each winter.

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