Keyless Van Thefts On The Rise

Van drivers who have keyless vehicles are being warned of the rising number of thefts of vans with this kind of system installed.

According to, there has been a 100 per cent rise in the number of thefts that occurred without the owners’ keys. This is due to the ease with which thieves are able to get hold of simple gadgets that intercept the signal and fool vehicles into thinking that they have the key.

This enables them to access the van, and then start the ignition and drive away with it. Vehicle security company Tracker suggested that LCVs in particular are being targeted, because thieves hope to find valuable tools and other goods in the van, as well as getting the vehicle.

Speaking to the publication, head of police liaison at Tracker Andy Barrs commented: “Keyless entry technology has now been widely adopted in the LCV market and this is evident in the fact that last year there was a two-fold increase in LCVs being stolen without the owner’s keys.”

Whether you own a van or regularly use small van hire in Berkshire, it’s worth thinking about the security of your vehicle, especially if it has a keyless entry system.

Earlier this month, the police in Birmingham issued some advice on how best to deter thieves, noting that visible security devices can work well.

Birmingham Live reported that using steering locks and pedal boxes can help prevent thieves targeting your vehicle. Other options, including locking wheel nuts and mesh grills on loading bay windows, can also be effective, the police force stated.

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