Icy Blast Causes Mayhem For Drivers

The UK has been hit by an exceptionally icy blast this week, causing several inches of snow to fall and road conditions to become very treacherous.

Temperatures plummeted in many areas of the country and Shropshire encountered the lowest recording in England falling to -13C on Monday (December 11th) night.

As a result of the weather conditions, drivers have been particularly affected as many roads have been left covered with snow and ice.

Indeed, the RAC recorded the greatest number of breakdowns in seven years on Monday, as cars struggled to cope with the roads.

RAC director of roadside operations James Knight said: “Conditions on untreated roads especially remain treacherous and ice will continue to be a major challenge for drivers throughout today and into tonight.”

He added that roads remain slippery, which could lead to motorists breaking down if their vehicles slide off the lanes.

Mr Knight reminded drivers to pack warm clothing, food and water in the event a breakdown should occur while the icy conditions continue.

This advice is useful for all motorists, including those arranging van hire in Berkshire, where a lot of snow fell over the weekend, and some homes were even left without power.

Indeed, the Met Office has issued a yellow warning of ice until Wednesday at 11:00, as a result of rain falling on to already frozen surfaces, causing ‘black ice’.

With the RAC logging as many as seven breakdowns every minute earlier this week, this figure could look to increase as the cold spell persists.

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