How to Move Furniture Like the Pros

Whether you are getting ready for a move or clearing out old furniture to make way for new,
moving heavy furniture is a task that can easily fill you with apprehension. Will I hurt myself?
Will I damage my home? Will I ruin my favorite couch? Who’s going to help me?

Fortunately, moving furniture doesn’t have to scare you. In fact, if you follow these tips, it can
actually be pretty easy and save you the hassle and cost of hiring professionals.

Top Tips for Moving Furniture

Whether it’s across the home or across town, there are lots of things you can do to make your
next furniture move go smoothly.

1. Grab some mates! What are friends for if not for helping you move? The job will always
be easier with more than one or two people and accepted forms of payment are usually
good pizza or takeaway and a cold drink. However, if you are lucky enough to have
loads of friends dying to help you move, make sure you don’t get more volunteers than
you need. A crowded space is not one that is easy to move large pieces of furniture

2. Plan and prepare your route. Don’t forget to measure along the way. Proper
preparations save a lot of time and heartache. Before the big day, make sure you know
the path you are going to use to move your furniture. Measure your pieces and
doorways to make sure everything will fit through. If needed, go ahead and remove any
doors or moldings that will impede your progress. If you have larger chairs, remember
that you can move them easily through narrower doors if you turn them on their side so
they are in an “L” shape. That way you can back the longer side out of the door and then
pivot so the bottom fits through the door easily.

3. Make sure you have the proper tools. Grab a few extra sheets and blankets to cover
furniture and walls to prevent damage. Stock up on bubble wrap to protect door handles
and cushion corners that could be tricky to navigate around. Investigate renting or
buying a dolly to help move large, heavy pieces like washing machines or refrigerators.
Some companies will try to sell you furniture movers that make it easier to slide couches
and dressers across the floor without damaging it. You can get the same effect by using
blankets, plastic bags, or even tennis balls cut in half and placed over the feet of the
furniture. All of these tools will make moving day go much easier and your friends will
thank you for the preparation.

4. Disassemble larger pieces. The nice thing about larger pieces of furniture is that you
are probably able to disassemble them somewhat to make them easier to move. See if
you can take the legs off your sofas or chairs to make them narrower and easier to move
through doors. Take out the drawers of dressers or cupboards to make them lighter and easier to carry. All of this will make your furniture much more manageable to carry for you and your helpers.

5. Have your van waiting. If you have a moving van hire to assist with your move, make
sure it is backed up as close as possible to where you will be taking the furniture out of
your house. (Your friends will thank you for the shorter route.) Have the back open and
the tail lift lowered, if you have a van hire with a tail lift. All of this will enable you and
your moving party to quickly and efficiently load your furniture for the journey to its final

Preventing Injury with Proper Lifting

Now that you have a moving party assembled and a plan in place for the big day, it’s time to
review proper lifting procedures so no one gets injured. (If you’re moving your furniture by
yourself, it’s doubly important to make sure you don’t push yourself too hard so you avoid

1. Keep feet shoulder-width apart. A wide stance will keep you stable and give you a
strong base to lift from.

2. Bend at the knees. NEVER lift with your back. Your legs are stronger and less likely to
give out than your back.

3. Stand up straight. Good posture and strong core muscles will also help protect your
back as you lift and move heavy furniture.

4. Don’t lift furniture too high. Once you’ve gotten your pieces off the floor, hold it level
with your midsection. This keeps the weight closer to your center of gravity and makes it
less likely that you will drop it.

5. Push it good. For pieces that you aren’t lifting, pushing is much better than pulling.
Pushing uses your legs more than your back AND it’s easier to see where you are going.

Tips for Choosing the Right Van Hire

1. Create an inventory. Make a list of all the pieces that you will be moving, along with all
of their measurements. This will help you and your van hire sales associate choose the
right size van for the job.

2. Measure, measure, measure. Measure your pieces and double-check the van hire
measurements. While ending up with a van that’s too big won’t be a problem, you
definitely don’t want to end up with a van that is too small.

3. Choose a company with a wide selection of vehicles. The best van hire companies
will have a wide selection of vans for you to choose from. You want to use a company
that has a wide variety of sizes and a large inventory so you have the best chance of
getting the van you need when you need it.

4. Schedule in advance. Along with choosing a company with a large selection,
scheduling your rental in advance will ensure that you have the perfect van for the job.

Knights Van Hire is Here to Make Moving Day Easy

Knights Van Hire is the perfect solution to your furniture moving needs. We have a wide
selection of vans in a variety of sizes. We have vans in sizes ranging from small Caddy vans to
Luton trucks with a tail lift to large low loaders and everything in between. Our friendly and
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