House Mover Discovers Corn Snake In Rental Van!

Moving house can be very stressful, with an incredibly long to-do list to make your way through – and no doubt relocating was made even harder for one hapless woman in Aberdeen, who happened to find a corn snake slithering about in the van she’d rented to help her move out!

According to the BBC, the Scottish SPCA was called out after Susan Grayson spotted her new reptilian friend hitching a lift on a seat. The snake then decided to disappear off so a mechanic was called out to see if it had made its way into the bodywork of the vehicle.

Kyle McWhirr, animal rescue officer, said it was thought the snake had gone into the structure of the van and would have been trying to find the warmest spot, but it posed no risk to people.

Ms Grayson said: “We picked up the van and started doing our runs as we are moving house. We were about to get back in the van and my partner found the snake slithering around the side of the seat, at which point we decided not to get back in the van … I am scared of spiders, let alone snakes.”

It certainly strikes us a quite bad luck to rent a van and find a snake inside it! Rest assured that we here at Reading large van hire company Knights always check our vans incredibly thoroughly after they’re returned to us so you can expect no nasty surprises when you book a vehicle with us.

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