Does Your Home Insurance Company Cover Relocations As Standard?

When moving house, one of the very first points to consider – perhaps even before you start packing and organising small van hire in Reading or elsewhere – is whether or not your home insurance provider will cover your relocation as standard.

New research from MoneySuperMarket has revealed that 42 per cent of insurers actually won’t cover this as standard and one in four people have no home insurance in place at all when they move house.

Given that the average value of contents being moved from A to B is now at £14,000, it certainly makes sense for you to check to see if you do have cover before you start moving your precious possessions around the country.

“A hefty proportion of insurers – 42 per cent – don’t cover belongings on the road. And while other policies provide door-to-door protection against damage or loss in transit, they usually insist the move is carried out by a recognised removals firm. That means anyone hiring a van for the purpose or moving their belongings in their car might not be covered,” consumer affairs expert with the price comparison site Kevin Pratt said.

Make sure you read through your policy and get in touch with your provider to see if the contents will be covered. If you do move and something is damaged, you might find you don’t have cover because you’ve not used a recommended removals firm or because you didn’t pack it properly, for example.

You should also ensure that you re-evaluate your possessions when you get them into your new house.

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