Happy 55th Birthday To The Ford Transit

Like many people during the coronavirus, Ford of Britain has had to postpone the planned celebrations at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2020 at the NEC for the 55th anniversary of the Ford Transit van, sometimes known as the ‘backbone of Britain’.

But it has excellent reasons for putting the party on hold, as Ford has deployed its transit fleet to aid the NHS and other organisations in the fight against COVID-19, according to vehicle review site Parkers.

Over three million Ford Transits have been sold in the UK since 1965 when Ford’s Langley Plant produced their very first model, and many of them are in daily use by emergency services across the UK.

Ford of Britain have sent 200 demonstrator, pool, and press vehicles to 40 different organisations, including 10 NHS ambulance trusts, to support and assist in their community-faced work. 131 of the 200 vehicles are Transit vans.

Mandy Dean, Ford of Britain’s Commercial Vehicles’ director, said: “Throughout this unprecedented crisis, the van economy has made an unrelenting and continued contribution to the well-being of this country.

“As soon as we saw the huge rise in demand for vehicles to support everything from home deliveries to providing transport for care homes, we took action and pressed into urgent service every available Transit and other vehicles in our fleet.”

The vehicles deployed by Ford to the emergency services include 38 Transits, 12 Transit Connects, eight Transit Customs, three Transit Couriers and two Ranger pick-ups.

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