Government Prioritise Cold Weather Road Repairs

Hit a pothole and your vehicle is out of action? Though we can deliver you easy business van hire in Berkshire, that likely won’t make you feel too much better. Especially once you hear that a new report published from Asphalt Industry Alliance has shown how roads in England and wales are in desperate need of repair.

The study has revealed that if urgent roads works up and down the country aren’t carried out, we could expect to see closure of 12 per cent of roads. A staggering 24,496 miles of local roads needs repairing within the next 12 months, but due to a shortage in funding local councils will need to find £556 million to carry out the work, averaging at around £3.3 million per local council.

Over the past month, the UK has a wave of extreme weather, which in turn has caused extensive damage to roads putting drivers at risk. The government has announced that they will be injecting £6 billion towards road repairs, but authorities aren’t able to carry out long term repairs due to a lack of knowledge over budgets and who will be allocated what.

Nicholas Lyes who is chief of road policy for the RAC spoke to The Week and said “This latest report clearly highlights that the shortfall between what councils need to fix the roads, and the cash they actually have at their disposal, is as enormous as ever.”

Even if the governments proposed funds come to light to get all the roads back to perfect condition, it is estimated that it will cost around £9.3 billion which still leaves a shortfall in funds.

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