Garden Jobs For The Autumn

If you are looking for the best van hire Reading has to offer for your gardening needs, then read on to find out what needs doing in the coming months.

We offer van hire for a range of different purposes, such as gardening where you may need to transport large quantities of heavy equipment from A to B. If that is the case then we have you covered.

Here are some jobs you need to get on with:


  1. Digging

Now is the time to get digging. If you have heavy soil then digging and leaving the large clods to be broken down by the frosts (when they finally arrive) is essential.

  1. Mulching

Another great way to treat your soil this autumn is to mulch it. You can do this with manure, wood chip or other organic matter. If you compost, now is the time to spread your black gold out over the soil and let the worms do their work over the winter.

  1. Laying lawns

As it is damp and you won’t be using it as much, autumn is a great time to lay a lawn. Use a rotavator to break up the soil, then go over it with a fork to break it up to an even finer tilth. You can then level it with your feet, sow seeds, water in and voila… a new lawn for the spring.

  1. Plant bulbs

Whether these are spring flowering bulbs or onion sets, get them in so they can put roots down in the winter, and reward you with an already growing garden in the spring.

Get more tips from the RHS about what to do in the garden each month.

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