Friday ‘Most Popular Day’ For House Moves

Companies providing removal services and small van hire in Berkshire may have noticed that they tend to be busier at the end of the working week than earlier in the week.

This is because more of us move home on Friday than any other day of the week, according to research by Sellhousefast. Estate Agent Today highlighted the findings, noting that over 50 per cent of properties complete their formal transfer of ownership on Fridays.

Last year, the number of homes sold on Fridays was slightly lower, at just over 40 per cent, but it was still the most popular day to complete a sale.

Wednesday was the next most popular day for house transactions to be completed. However, Tuesday is the day of the week when fewest homes are sold, according to the data.

Research released by Lloyds Bank earlier this month showed that the cost of moving home in the UK has increased by an average of six per cent in the past year, Gazette reported.

This now means that the average cost of moving house comes in at £11,500, which includes things like stamp duty and estate agents fees.

Different parts of the country have seen moving costs climb at different rates, and in some cases they’ve even fallen. In the south-west, for instance, the expense of moving house has increased by 21 per cent, while in the north-east and Scotland there has been an eight per cent fall.

London is, unsurprisingly, the most costly place to move home, with the average expense here three times the UK average, coming in at £32,092.

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