Five Reasons to Hire a Van for Your Next Vacation

Planning your next vacation? As we all slowly begin our reentry plans, it’s hard to resist
the thought of squeezing in a summer vacation — safely and affordably. Instead of
booking a flight, many people are planning to hit the road instead. While some are
choosing to pack their family vehicles, others opt for the comfort, space, and freedom of
hiring a van or car for their trip.

If you’re thinking of hitting the road with your family, get going with Knights Van Hire.
Rent a vacation van for a week or two and safely make summer memories with your
family and friends. Since vacation vans are designed for packing on the miles during
road trips, don’t think twice about leaving your car at home and hitting the road with one
of our rental vans. Save your tires, mileage, and gas and cruise into your vacation in
comfort and convenience!

Here are five reasons why you should hire a vacation van instead of loading up the old
grocery grabber:

Save those miles

If you’re taking a road trip, the miles can quickly add up as you travel about. If you have
a newer vehicle, why pile on additional miles when a rental van is available? For
vacationers with older vehicles, keep your car’s mileage down a while longer by
allowing the family car to rest during the next vacation so it can continue its loyal service
for shorter jaunts about town.

Regardless of your reasons for saving miles, taking steps to minimize wear and tear on
your vehicle can have a big impact on its longevity. For people who lease a vehicle,
mileage constraints are also a determining factor for consideration. Choose a rental van
and forget about putting mileage for your primary vehicle.

Stretch your legs

Between luggage, strollers, snacks, toys, and more, the family car can quickly become
crowded. With a vacation van as an option, you have much more legroom and plenty of
remaining space for your travel items. More room also means that you can bring along
the whole family in comfort, from younger siblings to parents and grandparents. Don’t
forget the pets!

While frequent breaks are must-haves for road trips, additional leg space improves
comfort for everyone. Whether your drive takes a few hours or half of the day, stretching

your legs is one benefit that makes the drive manageable. With rental vacation vans,
arrive at your destination without aches and pains from a cramped drive.

Skip the maintenance

Guess what? There’s no need to get a tune-up before you hit the road with a rental van.
Knights Van Hire will ensure that we handle all of the mechanical and maintenance
details. You can rest easy that your family van for the week has received all of the
attention needed for a safe ride.

Save money on major repairs to your personal vehicle by renting a ready-to-go rental
van. A sudden — and expensive — maintenance issue can easily put a vacation on
hold without backup plans. Choosing to rent a van is a guaranteed way to remove car
trouble from your list of concerns. If you have questions about our maintenance
schedule or safety features, please contact us at Knights Van Hire. We value our
customers’ trust and we work hard to keep them safe on the road!

Bring along friends and family

With extra space, invite some friends or additional family members to come along for
the ride. The spacious layouts of our vans makes sure you and your loved ones stay
comfortable while still having the benefit of riding together and making memories on the

Test out a vehicle

Have you been eyeing a new family vehicle? Renting one for a road trip is a great way
to test out a car or van. While test drives at the dealership are offered, you don’t get an
opportunity to get the full experience in the half hour or less you spend on the nearby
roads (with a salesman making a pitch, no less!). Hire a vacation van this summer and
take notes for your future purchase.

You also may have an opportunity to learn more about the accessories and features
that you must have and other features that may not be as important. This can range
from cupholders to additional storage, upholstery, or additional seating options. Keep in
mind your must-haves and nice-to-haves along the way.

As we all ease our way back into the swing of things, Knights Van Hire is here to help
you continue your summer adventure. When you’re ready to hit the road with your loved
ones, contact us to learn more about car and van hire options!

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