E-Commerce and Commercial Delivery: A Match Made In Heaven?

Online sales are expected to account for 21.5 percent of the online retail industry in 2018 in the United Kingdom. With this comes a massive dependence on the commercial delivery and logistics sector, and a likelihood that smaller distribution companies may have to rely on independent commercial van hire in Middlesex and around the country to keep up with sales.

The industry as a whole is facing a “significant shift” (ONS), with transparency, simplification and convenience becoming essential decision-making parameters for transport buyers. What is the reason for this surge of online sales? In this article, we shall be outlining a few of the stand-out explanations for the success of e-commerce, not just within this country but worldwide.


Highly Reactive Supply Chain

The primary reason why individuals use e-commerce channels over traditional retail is that the distribution of goods commences immediately following the confirmation of sale. Typically, the process begins with electronic communication and a coordinated response sent between the seller and the distributor. For a conventional booking process, a customer sales-representative must confirm your shipment by e-mailing you with your booking – in addition to a detailed shipping document being sent to the foreign counterpart and the supplier.

For e-commerce, all your communication details with the online supplier, together with the person’s name, phone-number plus email address, are by design united with all appropriate parties. Including all necessary booking info, for instance: the address of the warehouse and the cargo, so that the transportation process can start immediately.

You can also track the shipping process, and the technology captures the times of delivery. If your package does not appear at the agreed time, a digital alarm sounds with the supplier. The risk of a delayed delivery is somewhat mitigated; however, despite all this, you cannot avoid 100% delay – as we all know.


Reliable Information Exchange

Communicating relevant information is a major triumph for online global shipping. Old-fashioned suppliers frequently struggled with it, as customers only received reactive communications, causing delay and uncertainty of arrival time. This leads to dissatisfaction and further costs.

By utilising digital communication, an online carrier ensured it’s supply chain is well disciplined and structured efficiently. Precise delivery data is obtainable when required, providing increased visibility as well as quick-access to vital information and communications.

Like the success of e-commerce, our growth has been achieved by providing high standards with both individuals; small and large companies alike with their van hire needs. If you would like us to deliver vehicles to you, please telephone us on 01628 600445.

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