Driving In Vans With Kids: The Legalities

If you know when you sort out large van hire in Middlesex that you’re going to be taking to the roads with kids in tow, you need to make sure you’re aware of your legal responsibilities to avoid falling foul of the law.

Children usually have to use a child car seat until they’re 12 years old or at least 135cm tall, whichever comes first. However, a child can travel without a car seat in some circumstances, such as if you’re in a taxi and a child car seat isn’t provided. In this instance, children are still able to travel but only if they’re on a rear seat and wear an adult seatbelt if they’re over the age of three. If they’re under three, they shouldn’t wear a seatbelt.

You can choose a seat either based on the weight or height of your child. Height-based seats need to be rear-facing until your child is more than 15 months old, at which point you can use a forward-facing seat.

And you can only use a car seat if the seatbelt of your car has a diagonal strap, unless the seat is fitted using ISOFIX anchor points or has been designed to be used with a lap seatbelt. Before putting your rear-facing baby seat in the front seat, deactivate the front airbags. You also shouldn’t fit your car seat in side-facing seats.

If you’re in a minibus, coach or van with a driver remember that companies don’t need to provide car seats and if you want your child to have one you’ll need to bring your own.

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