Drivers Reminded To Get MOTs Ahead Of Stricter Rules

Drivers have been reminded to sign their cars up for an MOT or risk invalidating their insurance policies ahead of new stricter rules that will come into place this week.

From Sunday (May 20th), the government will impose tougher MOT legislation, which will result in new checks being carried out, fuel emissions being tested, and tougher fines given to motorists, including those who hire vans in Middlesex.

Matt Oliver, spokesperson for GoCompare Car Insurance, said: “Drivers caught without an up-to-date MOT also risk invalidating their car insurance. This could lead to penalties for driving uninsured, leaving the driver liable for any costs if they were involved in an accident and adversely impact the cost of and their ability to buy insurance in the future.”

With 2.6 million cars requiring MOT checks for the first time this year, Mr Oliver recommended motorists to sign up to the ‘Get MOT Reminder’ service.

As the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency reported that 28 per cent of cars have an overdue MOT at any one time, this would save those drivers hefty fines if they were to be caught.

Mr Oliver stated it is illegal to use a car with an expired MOT certificate unless driving to the test centre.

With the government’s changes in testing, instead of passing or failing the MOT, vehicles will be given a grading of ‘dangerous’, ‘major’, ‘minor’, ‘advisory’, or ‘pass’, and cars that fall into the first two categories will automatically fail their service.

This could result in diesel cars possibly failing due to their fuel emission levels, and motorists will receive a ‘major’ fault if smoke is coming from the exhaust or their diesel particulate filter has been tampered with.

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