Drivers Need Incentives ‘To Boost Electric Car Sales’

The government needs to provide more incentives to car owners if it wants to increase the number of people who have electric vehicles, according to the AA.

In next week’s Budget, the insurer wants the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak to do more to make it easier and cheaper for drivers to go green.

This includes scrapping the VAT and VED from the sale and leasing costs of new electric cars, with 28 per cent of low-income families claiming removing VAT would be “very influential” in encouraging them to purchase a fully electric vehicle.

It also wants to see rapid charging points to increase to over 5,000 and for these to be affordable, making it easier for electric car owners to re-charge their vehicles.

This comes after 18 per cent of drivers park on streets near their home and do not have access to a home charging solution. As a result, there needs to be more charging points in public.

AA president Edmund King said: “Making it easier to swap a petrol or diesel car for an electric car needs to be at the forefront of the Budget and scrapping the VAT will do that.”

He added that more charging points are required, as well as “easier ways to pay and improvements to the EV supply chain”.

In addition to this, AA Financial Services revealed that nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of motorists are concerned about improving their green credentials when purchasing a car. This is significantly more than the 15 per cent who consider the cost-efficiency of a new vehicle.

Brits who only need a vehicle every so often might find it greener and more cost-efficient to hire a van around Windsor instead of having one of their own, so they only use a motor when they need to.

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