Drivers Believe They Can Get Away With Driving Offences

Almost two-thirds (65 per cent) of drivers surveyed recently believe that they can get away with certain driving offences because of a lack of police presence on the UK’s roads.

The AA conducted the survey of over 19,500 drivers, which also looked at which offences they thought they were least likely to be prosecuted for.

At the top of the list was careless driving – such as tailgating and middle-lane hogging – with 65 per cent of respondents believing they’re unlikely to be caught for such offences.

Using a handheld mobile phone while driving was number three in the list, with 54 per cent of people feeling that they could do this without getting stopped.

The offence people felt was most likely to be enforced was driving in a bus lane, with just 33 per cent of respondents believing they can do this without getting caught.

What’s more, 65 per cent of drivers believed that there was no visible police presence on local roads, with 43 per cent saying the same for motorways.

AA president Edmund King said that it was “worrying” that drivers feel able to get away with such offences simply because there are fewer police on the roads.

“What is clear is that camera enforcement is seen as an actual deterrent, but Big Brother can only do so much; we need more cops in cars,” he asserted.

If you’re taking advantage of business van hire in Reading, you should be especially careful to follow all the rules of the road because committing an offence in a hired vehicle could affect your ability to hire vans in the future.

South Yorkshire Police Force recently revealed that it is running a week-long operation to crack down on the number of drivers using mobile phones. Additional officers will be out on regional roads stopping drivers who are spotted using their devices while behind the wheel.

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