Do You Know Your European Road Signs?

Many UK drivers have admitted that they don’t understand European road signs, a new survey from Nextbase has found.

Auto Express reported in the findings, noting that 65 per cent of British drivers admitted that they didn’t know what certain European road signs meant. That’s despite 40 per cent stating that they’d driven on the continent.

In its research, Nextbase tested drivers on different European road signs, with just two out of five being correctly identified on average. One sign that caused particular problems was the one marking the end of speed restrictions on the German autobahn. This was commonly confused for the UK’s national speed limit sign, the news provider revealed.

But it seems that it’s not only British drivers on the continent who can get confused by road signs. Europeans driving on the UK’s roads can sometimes have trouble too.

Last month, Highways England took the decision to provide electronic signs relating to roadworks in several European languages as well as English. The organisation took the decision after European lorry drivers missed safety warnings near Penrith last year and took inappropriate detours.

The digital signs being trialled on the M6 will use number plate recognition to determine the origin of the vehicle and display a message in an appropriate language. Traffic warnings and other detours will be displayed in German, French, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Lithuanian, Slovak and Hungarian.

Wherever you’re driving, you need to make sure that you understand road signs and are prepared for any detours you might need to take.

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