Do You Know How To Stay Safe In Strong Winds?

The UK has been experiencing incredibly stormy weather this month, with strong winds one of the challenges drivers have been facing on the roads, along with torrential rain in places.

But driving in strong winds can be more of a challenge than some people imagine, especially if you’re in a larger vehicle like a van. Of course, businesses can’t just stop operating because the wind picks up, but it pays to make sure you know how to drive safely in these conditions, and when you might be better off pulling over.

If you use commercial van hire in Essex, it’s worth making sure that all of your drivers are aware of how to stay safe on the roads. The RAC recently offered some advice to motorists.

Planning your route, trying to avoid exposed roads and bridges where possible, is advisable. The motoring organisation also recommends taking warm clothes, drinks and snacks with you just in case you do suffer a breakdown.

When it comes to the driving itself, take it slower than you would normally and leave extra space for braking. Holding on firmly to the steering wheel with both hands is important too. Strong winds are rarely consistent – often you get caught by gusts – and you need to be able to control your vehicle if this happens.

Take extra care when you’re overtaking on dual carriageways or motorways too, as this can be more hazardous in very windy conditions.

Although the worst of Storm Dennis has passed, the Met Office still has a number of yellow weather warnings in place across the UK, predominantly for rain, but also for strong winds in certain areas.

Make sure you check any weather warnings along your route and take appropriate steps.

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