Do You Get Landed With Unexpected Bills?

Brits are collectively spending £17 billion each year to cover the cost of unexpected bills, new research has found.

These can range from repairs on their cars to vets bills, with the average person spending £328 each year on these kinds of expenses, the Express reported.

Lowell, which conducted the research, found that one third of those surveyed have had to shell out for unexpected work on their car, while one in ten needed to spend money fixing a computer. Other costs included repairing an oven and having dental work.

And these unexpected bills are having an impact on people’s mental health. Half were left feeling stressed at having to find the cash for this kind of issue, while two in five felt anxious and unprepared.

John Pears, UK managing director for Lowell, said that it’s important for people to plan for these unexpected events as they can come without warning at any time. “Having something put aside can help deal with the financial shock and stress of those surprise bills and expenses, even a small amount can make a difference,” he asserted.

To give you one less thing to worry about, you might decide it’s better to use commercial van hire in Essex rather than running your own vehicle. That way you won’t be in line for any hefty repair bills should there be a mechanical failure.

Earlier this month, the Express revealed that motorway breakdowns in the UK have reached a five-year high. Figures from Highways England showed there were more than 200,000 incidents last year.

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