Do I Purchase or do I Hire?

This is the question I get asked over and over again.

In this current climate there isn’t a one fits all answer, however here are some questions I would consider before committing to a vehicle.


Can you afford to be tied into a long term finance agreement, especially when new legislation is being brought in on a yearly basis?


Renting provides a more ad-hoc approach to an evolving sector.


Managed Service

Do you know trustworthy mechanics that will come to your aid or assist in servicing?


Renting vehicles takes that dreaded mechanical issue out of the conversation



Do you want to own an asset that you’re contributing to every month?


Purchasing wisely can cost you less over a longer period of time compared to contract hire.


You also have a tangible asset to sell at any point.


If you or your business is looking to make that vehicle commitment, I would be happy to advise on what could be the best choice for you.

Charlie Willis, Director @ Knights Van Hire

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