Would You Choose An Electric Van?

With the government pledging that the majority of all cars and vans on roads in the UK will be zero emission come the year 2050, chances are that those of you looking for business van hire in Berkshire will soon find electric vehicles at your disposal.

Since it seems that production of new diesel and petrol vehicles may well be on the wane, it might be a wise idea to consider having electric vehicle driving lessons so you’re ready for the changes as and when they are pushed through.

New research from The AA Trust has found that 32 per cent of people are keen to have electric vehicle driving lessons – and now the organisation has developed a Drive Electric experience with Chargemaster, a provider of electric car charging infrastructure, to help people get the best out of these cars.

Chargemaster’s David Martell said: “The number of electric vehicles in the UK is continuing to grow, and we recently marked the 100,000th plug-in car registration in the UK.

“To get more people driving electric vehicles, getting them behind the wheel is key. The EV Experience Centre aims to do exactly that, and the Drive Electric experience sessions from the AA Trust will be a great way to help consumers better understand electric vehicles and how easy they are to live with.”

Electric vehicles can be both cheaper to run and maintain, as well as being better for the environment. They’re also less likely to roll because they typically have a lower centre of gravity – so you could be even safer on the roads.

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