Calls For ‘Drive Safe’ Modes On All Phones

Mobile phone use while driving is one of the biggest problems on the UK’s roads and it’s one that’s not going away.

Now the RAC is among the organisations, including safety charity Brake, calling for all new smartphones to feature a ‘Do not disturb while driving’ mode that is automatically activated when a phone detects that someone is driving.

This mode turns off all texts, calls and notifications to ensure that the person behind the wheel isn’t distracted by their handset while they’re driving.

The latest Apple operating system features this mode, and now motoring organisations in the UK want the likes of Android, Microsoft and Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA) to follow suit with their handsets.

Pete Williams, RAC Be Phone Smart spokesman, commented: “We need organisations to work together to come up with creative ways of helping drivers realise that no text or tweet while driving is worth the risk.”

Whether you’re in your own car or are making use of commercial van hire in Middlesex, it’s vital that you put your phone somewhere you can’t reach it while you’re behind the wheel.

Despite the government introducing tougher penalties for mobile phone use while driving, only 50 per cent of drivers in the UK believe that mobile phone use, including hands-free, while driving is dangerous, an RAC survey revealed last month.

This is a drop from the 61 per cent recorded in a similar survey in 2009, the motoring organisation noted.

What’s more, 71 per cent of British drivers don’t believe that the current law on phone use behind the wheel is being enforced properly.

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