22 Daily Checks Van Drivers Should Be Making

Drivers sorting out business van hire in Berkshire and elsewhere should ensure they give their vehicles a good once over before setting off so they know they won’t have to worry about breakdowns, faults and more. These vans do an awful lot of mileage so it’s important to carry out a few checks. Here are some you should be doing daily.

The brakes

Check that the parking brake works properly and doesn’t have excessive travel, then do the same with the foot brake.


Go round the vehicle and check that lights and indicators work, that all lenses are clean and the right colour, that the marker lights work and that the stop lamps light up with the brake is applied. Check that your dashboard warning signals are working correctly as well.

Washers and wipers

Does the washer fluid need topping up? This should always be checked before a long journey, as should the quality of the wiper blades. Check that they also move continually when they’re in use.

Fuel and oil

Check to see if the engine coolant, oil, brake fluid, water levels and power steering fluid are correct. Make sure the fuel filler cap is on and secure, and check for any leaks by looking for puddles on the ground.


Make sure your tyres have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm and that each one is sufficiently inflated. Look at the wheels as well to see if there are any missing wheel nuts or deep cuts in the sidewall.

For further advice, visit the official government website.

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