Britain’s Traffic Jams ‘Among World’s Worst’

While we can provide you with the best commercial van hire Middlesex has to offer, we can’t control the amount of traffic you’ll have to sit in on the roads. It sometimes may feel that here in Britain we have the worst traffic jams in the world, and according to new research, that might not be too far wrong.

In fact, Britain ranks as the worst country in Western Europe when it comes to congestion, and even ranks tenth in the world for the most time spent in gridlocks. While you might think a bit of traffic is unavoidable, when you find out what it is costing you (or your business) you may soon feel that this is unacceptable.

Each year, the average driver spends 31 hours stuck in traffic, according to the research from INRIX 2017 Global Traffic Scorecard, and this lost time, as well as fuel costs, adds up to a total cost to the driver of £1,168.

London ranked even higher than the country as a whole, ranking as the seventh worst city in the world for traffic, ahead of Paris, Rome, Berlin and Madrid. In central London’s rush hour, traffic moves at 3.7 miles per hour on average and 74 hours spent in traffic every year.

However, you can count yourself lucky you don’t live in Thailand, where the average time spent in traffic jams is 56 hours or, even worse, are a resident of Los Angeles where you may spend 106 hours a year stuck in congestion.

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