5 Ways to Pack Effectively

Whether you are moving house, changing office or simply compartmentalising your stuff, it’s important to take care and make the most out of the limited packing space you have available. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a short list of five small things you can change in your packing routine to make a big difference when it comes to the big move.

1) Make a list – and check it twice

One of the biggest mistakes you can make before packing anything up is not having a clear process. Start packing several weeks before your big move, so you can work out what will take the longest to pack up and establish how you can keep precious items safe. If necessary, plan several trips to move all items so you can ensure all your items are accounted for and packed safely and securely.

2)  Work one room at a time

To stop you having to stress whether or not you’ve finished packing up one part of your house or office, work in a methodical order. Completely clear one room into a one box, or several boxes before moving on, rather than mixing and matching items that do not go together. Label every box in legible writing to make unpacking easy for you, or your movers.

3) Set a packing limit

Rather than overloading boxes and causing them to split apart at the vital moment in the move, set a sensible weight or height limit. Whether it is 80% full or 75kg, stick to your limits and you’ll save a great deal of pain – physically and logistically! Put heavier or bulkier items in smaller boxes, and lighter, smaller items in bigger boxes to maximise space. Fill empty gaps with bubblewrap, newspaper or soft furnishings to secure items.

4) Make an ‘essentials’ box

The most important box to pack in your arsenal, the essential box contains everything you’ll need to get out first. This includes:

5) Use the Russian Doll technique

Got a huge set of pots and pans? Stack them as you would in your cupboard – smallest pan inside a bigger pan and so on! Although you wouldn’t normally compartmentalise your items that much in your home or workplace, it can be very effective when packing. Use tins and boxes effectively to hold smaller items such as stationary, or photos.

Use these five techniques to give your packing the boost you need for a stress-free and hassle-free move. And to make sure you can get everything across in plenty of time, use Knights Van Hire. Contact us today on 01628 600445 to discuss your requirements.

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