41% Of Drivers Want Greener Cars

More Brits are becoming environmentally-conscious thanks to the rise in awareness of climate change over the last few years. As a result, four in ten drivers are planning to switch to more fuel-efficient motors in the future.

This is according to new research from comparethemarket.com, which found 19 per cent of motorists want to buy an electric car and 24 per cent aim to swap their gas-guzzler for a hybrid in three to five years. This is in addition to 41 per cent of respondents who wanted a greener model that uses less fuel.

Head of motor insurance at the price comparison site Dan Hutson said: “Our findings are a watershed moment in public opinion towards electric cars. The recent spate of high-profile climate change documentaries and summits has likely played a role in accelerating public opinion so decisively behind the electrification of motoring.”

The figures showed the main reason for motorists wanting electric cars is due to their desire to reduce their impact on the environment (83 per cent). In addition to this, the same proportion of drivers believe the standard of electric and hybrid motors will improve in the near future, while 67 per cent think fuel cars are not cost efficient to run.

There is currently a plan in place for the government to ban UK sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040. However, this change could come earlier, with the Energy and Climate Change Committee believing sales of traditional fuel-powered vehicles could be restricted in just over a decade instead.

Indeed, comparethemarket.com’s findings showed public demand for green cars could bring the deadline forward, with Mr Hutson saying: “Concern for the environment is steering change among drivers.”

Those who want to help the environment might be tempted to sell their motor, and hire a commercial van in Essex instead for when you need transport for your business.

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