10% Of Drivers Would Fail Test Straightaway

Passing your driving test is a rite of passage, giving you freedom and a chance to go wherever the world takes you, including hiring a van around Windsor. However, lots of us are simply relieved when we are given our driving licence, because we do not believe we would pass the test again even if we took it straight away.

According to research by Privilege Car Insurance, ten per cent of Brits think they would fail if they had to sit it straight after passing, with this proportion increasing to 43 per cent if they had to re-take their test three years later, Your Money reported.

This is perhaps not surprising given a quarter of British drivers have not looked at the Highway Code since getting their licence and 39 per cent claim they know less than half of the 307 road rules that exist in the UK.

Head of Privilege Car Insurance Charlotte Fielding said: “It is surprising to see how little time we think it would take us to forget all we have learned. I would advise all drivers to refresh their memory every so often on the rules of the road, to ensure we are all keeping safe.”

The survey of 2,000 British adults also revealed many of us have picked up bad driving habits over the years, with eight out of ten admitting to speeding, and nearly two-thirds saying they eat and drink when on the road.

Indeed, the Motoring Research website recently revealed speeding was habitual for 17 per cent of drivers, with MoneySuperMarket research concluding most people who speed do so on Sundays.

The Privilege Car Insurance survey also found that nearly half (44 per cent) of millennial drivers use their phones while behind the wheel, despite it carrying a steep £1,000 fine and six penalty points.

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